Revista da FCCXXT

General Guidelines

In the case of review papers, you can contact previously with the Editor () providing an abstract including the objetive of the review. Editorial Board can also invite authors to produce reviews about topics that are interesting for the field. Once accepted by the Editorial Board, you should prepare the review following the instructions. Please submit your manuscript or letter to the editor, plus additional information, through e-mail ().

Research regular papers are always welcome. Once received, the Editorial Board will check the elegibility of the Manuscript. If the paper is relevant to the field, the paper will be reviewed by at least three independent referees.

Short notes are also welcome.

Before submitting manuscripts, please read carefully the information aboout the preparation of the electronic files, appropriate file formats, etc.

Include with your submission a cover letter containing:

  • Title of the paper
  • Abstract (including the main achievements and the rationale)
  • Any information regarding ethics